HHB Story

The name of my boutique is special to me. My Granny Ann passed away in 2014, and I was very close to her. Granny Ann had a knack for sewing, and she was wonderful at it. She made my church dresses, prom dresses, outfits for her daughters/granddaughters, and even taught me how to sew clothes for my baby dolls. Along with her knack for sewing, she also loved to sit and watch hummingbirds come up to her flower garden and feeders. To honor her, the name for my boutique is Hummingbird Hems Boutique.

 I want to Thank you so much for shopping Hummingbird Hems Boutique! I really appreciate your support, it means so much to me. 

Jana Matlock

Owner Hummingbird Hems Boutique